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Forever Communications is a leading media & marketing company with markets in Kentucky & Tennessee. We are home to many legendary radio brands that are deeply connected to the communities they serve. Also, we offer custom marketing solutions for our advertising partners including broadcast advertising, digital marketing, event marketing & more.


Grow your business with results driven marketing from FOREVER COMMUNICATIONS. Our team will be with you every step of the way with leading digital & broadcast advertising strategies. With top quality creative and proven tactics, we can take your branding to the next level.

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Drive conversions by enlisting the targeting and effectiveness of Digital Marketing. With our platforms, you can reach users on any sized device. Our team works daily with local businesses & groups to create & execute comprehensive Digital Marketing campaigns.


In addition to our Digital Marketing services, the Forever Communications family operates leading radio brands in Jackson TN, Murray KY, Union City TN and Paris-McKenzie TN that serve as powerful advertising outlets for our partners.


We are proud to broadcast  college as well as high school sports across our group! Our lineup includes several video streams for area high schools. These broadcasts provide tremendous branding opportunities for our advertising partners. 

digital marketing services

Let’s tell your story online! Our top tactics include social, search, video, web development, mobile, streaming audio, programmatic advertising, and much more! See our top digital tactics below:


Reach users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services with engaging, relevant ads on websites. Ads will be delivered to phones, tablets, and desktops.

The programmatic tactic features ad creative that matches the look & feel of social posts including Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok. This approach will help to drive conversions.

Target users who enter specific location or event. Ads will continue to be served on apps on phones and tablets once a user leaves the targeted area.

Targeting for this tactic is identical to geofencing. However, ad creative matches the look & feel of social posts including Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok. This approach will help to drive conversions.

Appear at the top of Google search results in your category.

Increase your business’s credibility and your customer’s trust with verified Google Screened or Google Guaranteed provider badges.

Video + Audio Advertising

Enlist location, demographic, and behavior filters to serve video ads to your ideal target while they view streaming content on devices in the household including connected televisions.

In-stream ads are video ads served on YouTube on devices. The reach is unbeatable!

Video ads will play prior to video content such as news and updates. Target based on geography, demographics, and behavior.

Serve video ads on apps and websites to those who enter a virtual fences around specific locations.

Serve ads while people stream digital audio content such as music and podcasts on their phones, tablets, computers and smart speakers.

Social + Content

Use social media to reach thousands of potential new customers at various stages in the buying cycle. We will design and schedule consistent posts to increase awareness of your brand and drive conversions.

Let us track and respond to what people are saying about your business online so you can focus on managing your business!

Serve content advertising to hyper-targeted audiences where they are engaging most.

Add a blog to your website to improve organic search and demonstrate industry expertise. This attracts followers and search engine attention!

Website Development + Mobile

Your brand deserves a great website. We provide fully responsive sites with options such as e-commerce, forms, content management and more..

Our apps feature a dynamic design with options such as mobile check-in, push notifications, VIP clubs, user generated content options & more!

Speak directly to your customer base with deals and special offers to spur engagement.

Make it as easy as possible for listeners to respond to your ads! Deliver a custom bounce-back message with your business information to those who text your keyword.

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