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Proudly serving our communities and advertising partners.


Forever Communications is a leading media & marketing company with markets in Kentucky & Tennessee. We are home to many legendary radio brands that are deeply connected to the communities they serve. We also offer custom marketing solutions for our advertising partners including broadcast advertising, digital marketing, event marketing & more.


radio is America's companion

Radio continues to be America’s #1 medium. Across the Forever Communications group, our radio station lineup consists of legendary brands with our main goals being to inform and entertain. We are truly grateful for our strong base of listeners and advertising partners.

We strive daily to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product for our audiences and deliver effective results for our advertising partners by creating dynamic marketing solutions.

In addition to assisting our marketing partners, the Forever Communications family operates legendary radio brands plus news & sports websites  in Jackson TN, Murray KY, Union City TN and Paris-McKenzie TN. We are beyond grateful for each person that interacts with our brands.

Let’s work together to create your complete marketing plan! Our team will work directly with you to craft to the optimum marketing plan. It’s your time to stand out!





Since 1993

The Forever Creed

Our mission at Forever Communications is to serve. We must be good broadcasting citizens, understanding that we are guests in the peoples’ homes and cars, that our audiences are families like our own. We must participate in civic activities in our private as well as our public lives. We must promote better health, education, and government and make our community aware of our high standards and desire to be of service.


We also believe it is our responsibility to exceed the expectations of the advertisers who invest in our stations. Our product and service must always meet the highest standard of excellence and professionalism. We must deliver added value at a fair price. We must remember that the customer expects and deserves results and increased profits.